How Music Alters Your Body


Whether it's Mozart, Elton John, Adele, or even newcomers like Cardi B, music has had a profound influence on culture throughout history. But why do we find it so addictive?

At its core, music is a combination of frequencies displayed in different patterns. Similar to how your eyes process light, your ears take in constant waves, triggering a state of excitement in your brain. We experience pleasure from many different stimulants such as food, sex and drugs, but because many of these are necessary for our survival the body has created a system in which it rewards you for achieving them. Que dopamine, the feel-good drug released by your brain as a reward. But did you know that music has the ability to create a state of arousal, causing your pupils to dilate, blood pressure to rise and the emotional regions in the brain to fire up? Hi Beyoncé!!!

Even though music doesn't technically have a direct survival benefit, it does chemically alter our bodies, making us feel great in the same way drug-induced dopamine does. YAY for music!

Mitch Moffit