We’re looking for creative and enthusiastic new writers to join our team! Below will outline what you’re required to submit, but ultimately we want people who love science and want to share it with the world through science writing and video. Most important is your ability to find a topic or idea that will fascinate others, and convey that through your script and tone.

Note: We do not need a resume. What matters to us is your writing and ability to think of creative/unique ways to share science that can connect with people. Our only requirement is that you have degree in science, or are currently in an undergraduate program for science.

Please submit the follow:

Personal Info






Part 1: Captivating Video Title. When we see your video title we should think “Wow, I need to read this/watch this immediately”

Part 2: Create a script on any topic that you find fascinating and feel will connect with other viewers, that fits in line with the type of content we make (of course, feel free to break out of the box a bit if you think you can bring something new to our content!!). Think about what will actually connect with people who both love science, and even those who don’t typically follow science channels. There are now thousands of other educational/informational channels out there, so try and find something new to talk about that nobody has really done before (in video form, on YouTube. By no means stray away from sharing fascinating info from books or articles). Niche can sometimes be good, but make sure that people with no background in science can still relate and truly understand what you’re sharing.

Our videos typically run between 3-5 minutes, but if you think you can really wow us with a 20 minute, in-depth analysis systematically debunking all of Dr. Oz’s crazy claims, GO FOR IT.

Part 3: Please source all of your information with numbers throughout your script, with full links at the bottom corresponding to numbers, and track how many hours you put into your script so we can get a sense of your workflow. If we end up using your work in any capacity, you will be paid.

SUBMIT TO: asapsciencejobs@gmail.com  

DEADLINE: February 1st, 2019