Each week, we dive into a new controversial topic to learn more about ourselves and the world around us. Get ready to hear some mind-blowing science, along with a few awkward stories of our own!


Influencers: Pure Trash or This generations Treasure?

This week, we talk about the power of Influencers. We share some stories about YouTubers, and  our Producer Rachel interviews Science Sam, an amazing science communicator. We end it all with a debate about whether we should respect influencers, or look down on them.



Alcohol: Liquid courage or dangerous blackouts?

We're talking about Alcohol. We have a lot of stories about drinking- but we get into some of our best ones. Including Greg breaking into a celebrities car. Rachel explains the science of what happens when you get black out drunk, and than we finish it off with a debate wether or not alcohol is good or bad for society.



Polyamory: What it is like to be in a POLYAMOROUS relationship

This week we're talking all about relationships - including ours! We remember our first encounters with polyamorous couples and how awkwardly we reacted. Greg chats with our friends who are now in a 4-way polyamorous relationship, and asks them all about how it happened, how it works and how they feel. We finish it off by debating whether or not WE could be in a poly-relationship.


Death: Crippling Anxiety or Ultimate Peace?

This week we take on a lighthearted topic, DEATH!  We talk about the most painful ways to die, near death experiences, and how our relationship with spirituality has changed.  Mitch and Rachel discuss different funeral practices around the world.  We then debate who is more afraid of death and Mitch explains why he would like to live forever.


Video Games: Violent Problem or Productive Hobby

We discuss video game culture, our own attachments to video games, and debate wether video games are a violent problem or a productive hobby.



Therapy: over-hyped hoax or essential to life?

Were chatting about Therapy. Greg talks about panic attacks and his experience with seeing his therapist in public. Than we move onto the history of pyschiatric help, and end with a debate about wether or not we feel therapy is actually effective.



comedy: ridiculous boys club or purist art form?

On this episode we're talking about comedy. We discuss Greg's transition into the world of stand up comedy, interview a professional stand up comedian about how to craft jokes, all while debating issues that are plaguing the comedy industry right now.



all inclusive vacations: Relaxing getaway or Unethical Disaster

This week we're discussing some stories behind a recent all inclusive trip. We're gonna take a deep dive look into the enviornmental and economic impact of all inclusive vacation. We end it all with a debate about this type of vacation. 



Reality Tv: Social experiment or

On this episode we talk about reality TV. We start with some stories from Mitch's time on Big Brother Canada, interview a reality TV show winner and super fan, and discuss the history of reality TV.



marijuana: Creative tool or harmful substance?

This week, we talk about marijuana, our experience with it, how it effects your brain and body, its history and ultimatley whether we think its good or bad.